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Kobato Hanato

please let me heal you!

17 September
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Name: Hanato Kobato
age: 17
Grade: High School Year 2
Birthday: September 17
Sign: Virgo
Blood Type: B
Room: Suite 505 Room 3
Class: 2-B
Electives: Home Ec
Creative Choice: Drama/Theater


Kobato was raised in a small country town (in Japan) by her mother. There were no other children her age in the area, and no school. The closest school was almost an hour away, much too far for the single-mother to drive everyday and keep her job. The problem was solved when Kobato's godfather, a long time friend of her mother, offered to home school her. Most children would have been upset at losing one of the few opportunities to spend time with children their age, but Kobato didn't mind. The girl happily spent her days talking and spending time with her neighbors, playing with the neighborhood cat, and singing. Since most of her neighbors were elderly, Kobato helped them out in anyway she could (picking up groceries, helping them clean, etc). This also had the side effect of making Kobato incredibly polite as all of her neighbors did their best to instill in Kobato the importance of respecting others. Kobato was happy in her sheltered life, though part of her was always curious about what it was like outside the town; what it would be like to go to a traditional school. When she was ten the local bookstore accidentally received a shipment of shojo mangas. Kobato was instantly hooked on them, and using the money she'd earned helping out at the local bakery and working as a mother's helper to the woman with the four year old twins down the street she bought them all. The bookstore owner gave her a nice discount on them too, though he never told her that. The books had an unfortunate side effect though, they became Kobato's only idea of what an actual high school and middle school were like.

Life continued in this manner for the next four years, but then everything changed. Kobato's mother began to suffer from acute stomach pains, and nausea. Thinking it was just a bug she stayed home from work. By the time it was realized that she didn't just have a stomach bug it was too late; Kobato's mother died of appendicitis. Her teacher tried his best to take care of her, and two years later Kobato was by all appearances back to her old self. At 16 Kobato was invited to join Quo Vadis Academy. She was shocked not only by the invitation but by the simple fact that someone in the outside world knew she existed. She was never the best student despite the one on one attention of her home-school education, but she did have one exceptional talent; Kobato had the voice of an angel. After discussing it with her guardian (who seemed to know more about all this than he was letting on) it was quickly decided that she would go. And so after packing up her belonging and saying goodbye to everyone in town, Kobato left home for the first time in her life.

Cannon History---> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kobato


Kobato is bright, cheerful, and sweet. Unfortunately due to her very sheltered childhood she is also hopelessly innocent and naive. This leads to some mishaps in which she will say or talk about something perverted she saw on TV or read in a manga while having no clue she has said something inappropriate. In v1 ch3 of the manga she unknowingly propositions herself after seeing something similar on tv. Also when she first gets her bottle and she tries to find someone's heart she can "heal" a man mistakes her for a prostitute. She would have gotten raped if not for the timely intervention of Fujimoto. Kobato is incredibly clumsy, and is constantly tripping over herself (this usually occurs at least once a chapter in the manga, sometimes more, sometimes less). She is easily decieved due to her overly trusting nature.

Despite all this (or maybe because of it) Kobato is incredibly sympathetic to the suffering of others. At one point she finds a man who had previously threatened her in the park on the ground in incredible pain. She is horrified and in distress calls for Fujimoto. When he finds her she is clutching the mans hand sobbing, terrified he will not live. There are many times where Kobato will become depressed over the fact that she can not help her suffering friends. Her sincerity, and heartfelt caring aid her in her personal mission to "heal" the hearts of others. She helps a little boy by commenting on what a wonderful mother his mom must be after he says all the things she does for him (because she works so much most people call her a bad mom which upsets him). Kobato can be rather stupid, and rash but makes up for it with her dedication and other positive attributes.

Kobato can cook but always makes dishes that look like they will be awful. Despite their odd and often horrifying looks they actually taste very good. In v1 ch2 of the manga Kobato helps out at a nabe stand and has to cook some nabe. It looks utterly horrifying (one character actually says "Yep. That's pretty much what I imagine Hell looks like") but when someone dares to try it everyone is shocked to find it is absolutely delicious. Her artwork and sewing attempts end in similarly odd looking creatures. In preparation for a Bazaar to raise money for the nursery school Kobato draws a sign and makes plush toys to sell, but no one can ever tell what animal they are suppose to be. Kobato is however a beautiful singer. During a hanami Kobato is forced to sing, and multiple characters comment on what a beautiful voice she has.