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 I can't believe its almost Halloween! It feels like I've been at this school forever but at the same time its all gone by so fast; haha I guess that really doesn't make much sense though. ^-^;  Still I can't wait for Halloween; its one of my absolute favorite holidays! There are always so many yummy sweets and wonderful costumes! Its just all so great! <3


Do you have anything planned for Halloween?
Ah not really . . . I might go to the haunted house like Elric-san suggested I just hope it isn't too scary . . . *is slightly nervous*
...The haunted house, huh?

[Athrun frowns. He's been working on that, so he knows what's in store, but he can't help but worry a bit.]

Well, I can't say much about it, obviously, but it will be...well, elaborate, to say the least.
You all must have put a lot of work into making it
Yeah. It'll actually be pretty impressive given how few of us there are.
That's wonderful, I'm definitely going to have to go see it then I'm going to try my very best to be brave! *pumps fist into the air mentally*
Well, then I'll look forward to seeing you there!
You like Halloween, Hanato-san? You should check out the haunted house that's being put together.

[ooc: they're both in class 2-B so I think he'd at least know her name xD]
Oh I love Halloween! Its so much fun ^_^
Oh a haunted house? That might be fun . . . ano exactly how scary is it? *a bit nervous*
Er... well, it wouldn't be a haunted house if it wasn't scary, but if you go in with a bunch of friends it won't be as scary as going through it alone.
Oh that's a good idea, I should find out who else is going . . .
Some others from our class will probably be going.
Oh that's good ^_^
Have you got ya costume ready? ^^
Yep! ^_^ What about you, Yamamoto-san, do you have a costume?
Ahahaha...no, not yet. But I'm sure I'll work something out! What's yours? Or is it a secret? ;)
Its a secret~ ^_^ Hehe I want it to be a surprise!
Happy Kobato

December 2009

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