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Gasp Kobato


 Wow time's been passing so fast, I can't believe I've already been at the school so long. It's nice here, different but . . .  I've already met so many kind  people, it makes me really happy -^_^- The classes are really interesting too but they can be pretty hard . . . I won't give up though, I'll keep trying my very very best! I'll make them both proud . . . 

~private but very hackable~
 . . . I wonder how sensei is doing without me there, he hasn't replied to my letter yet. . . I hope everyone at home is doing okay. It didn't really hit me until now but this will be the first time I won't have everyone with me for my birthday. Hehe the whole town would get together for birthdays it was always such a big deal ^-^ I like it here a lot but all same . . . I really miss everyone, it just won't be the same this year . . . *shakes head* ah snap out of it! Now isn't the time; it was my decision to come here so I definitely won't get sad!


You think so too? I can't believe Mr Kasshu expects us to do all that work! Why is physics so haaaaard?
*nods vigorous* It gets so confusing sometimes, so it takes a really long time to get all the work done and even then some of it is completely wrong. @^@;
*tears of joy begin forming* At last, someone who understands and shares my pain! Let's be friends forever! I'm Chiba Kirino, but since we're so close now, you can just call me Kirino!
Its very nice to meet you Kirino-san ^-^ I'm Kobato!
Sorry if I'm prying, but -- "them?"
Oh, don't worry its okay. I was home-schooled you see, and my teacher has just done so much for me I want to make him proud and . . . and I want to make sure to make my Mama is proud.
Oh, I see. Have you been writing them? I bet they'd appreciate hearing from you.

...Though that reminds me, I should write to my benefactor as well...

[[OoC: The last part was said under Athrun's breath, but was still audible.]]
Ah I've been writing to sensei but he hasn't replied yet and I . . . I make sure to talk to Mama everyday . . . e-even though its an one-sided conversation, I'm sure she's listening . . .

. . . Benefactor?

(ooc: weather or not Athrun head the italics bit is up to you ^_^)
Well, you can't always expect a prompt reply. I'm sure you'll hear from your teacher soon.

Huh? You heard that? ...Well, you see, it's, uh...the man who was looking after my monetary needs while I'm here in Japan. I've been living by myself for a while, but couldn't manage both a full-time job and school. So he was financing my stay.
Oh so he's sort of like a legal guardian? . . . I understand, sensei took care of me sort of like that since Ma-- s-since I was fourteen.
Sort of like that. Though it's been months since I last saw him; he's a politician back home, so he doesn't get many opportunities to leave the country.
Ah that's too bad that you haven't seen him in so long, it must be hard having to be so far away all this time.
Oh you're from another country Athrun-san?
I am. I'm originally from Europe, but I came here with my parents ten years ago for my father's work.
Wow thats so cool Athrun-san.
I hope I haven't made anything too difficult for you to understand, Kobato-chan. Please let me know if you need any help! I'll be happy to stay after classes if you need it.
No, no it not you Fai-sensei! You're a very good teacher! I'm sometimes just a little slow, and I'm still adjusting to going to a real school >_<;
. . . um b-but is it really okay if I come to you for extra help sometimes? I don't want to be a bother or anything . . .
Ah, thank you. I will do whatever I can to help you adjust. And it isn't a bother at all! Please come see me anytime, whenever you need to.
Ah thanks so very much! ^-^
How old are you turning.
W-wha--?! H-how did you know my birthday was coming up!?! @_@;;
How old.
S-seventeen. . . b-but how did you know?!
*points up at her post*

It was easily readable for someone like me.
You can read that?! B-b-but how, I put it on private didn't I ?! @^@
You must've been distracted by excitement when you submitted it.

That aside, what's your name. *takes out his notes*
O-oh maybe . . .
Ah! I'm Kobato Hanato, it's nice to meet you. *bows*
*scribbling* Kobato....Hana...to... Is that "small dove"?

Usami Akihiko. College literature professor.
A yes it is "small dove" Usami-sensei ^_^
*finishes writing and snaps his notebook closed, staring with dead eyes at her once more*

...I've never written yuri before... *under his breath, not actually speaking to her directly*
Ah did you say something sensei? *tilts head*
Nothing at all.
Oh, alright then! ^_^

Re: Too bad Ashura's usually too dumb to hack stuff XD;;;

Yeah, all this homework is really getting to me, and I had been thinking of getting a part time job too . . . oh well I should guess I'll hold off on that for awhile. It'll probably be too much for me other wise. >.<;;

I'd like that a lot, studying would definitely be more fun if Ashura-san is there! ^_^
Ah I don't have any other commitments, so whenever is good for you Ashura-san ^_^ Ah I wouldn't want to intrude . . . would it really be alright if I came with you?
Well alright, as long as I'm not causing any trouble . . .

You and Fai-sensei sound very close, it must be nice to have him around ^_^
He sounds like a very good older brother to you. I'm glad a piece of home came with Ashura-san. ^_^

Ah its okay, it was my choice to come here after all. I-I do miss them allespecially right now . . . but I've also met so many kind people that I would have never had the chance to know if I'd stayed at home. I won't regret my choice even if sometimes its a little painful. Besides sensei promised me he'd write. ^-^

(ooc: Kobato mumbled the italics part so weather or not Ashura heard it is up to you ^_^)
You're right I bet its just taking a little while since our village is so remote. Oh and when I go back I'll have lots of stories to tell everyone too ^_^

Hehe alright, that sounds like a lot of fun.
Ah you can just come by my room, its Suite 505 Room 3. ^_^

(ooc: A log sounds awesome, though I won't be able to play much tonight; I gotta go to sleep in like 30 minutes.)
Great! ^_^

(ooc: ah okay, cool ^_^)
Let's work hard together! The teachers are certainly piling on the homework everyday...
Ah yes, we'll definitely do our best together Kira-san! ^_^ Even if its a lot of work I'm sure we can do it!
Happy Kobato

December 2009

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