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Happy Kobato


 Well I finally made it to the academy. . . 

Wah it's so big, its at least as big as my whole town! I've never seen anything like it; the dorms have to be at least five stories high, and there are so many people here. . . It's almost too good to be true having this many people around that are the same age as me. I was always the only kid my age back home; the twins were six years younger than me and neechan was eight years older.

~private --but so hackable it might as well be public~

*is determined* I'm definitely going to make some friends, and do my very very best to make mama-in-heaven, and sensei proud! I'll prove I'm no Dobato!

~end private~

Well time to go unpack my stuff, I hope I didn't forget anything *A* . . .  sensei will get really mad if he has to send me anything after all the times he reminded me to check that I had everything. 


Greetings, Kobato-chan! You can call me Fay-sensei and I'm the high school chemistry teacher. I'm looking forward to the new term and I hope you are as well! (≧∇≦)/
It's very nice to meet you Fai-sensei! Oh yes I can't wait for the new school year to start, its just so exciting my first year at a real high school!

(ooc: omg I love your icon XD )
(( OOC: I searched long and hard for this icon. XD ))

Oh, you have never attended school before? I really hope it will be an enjoyable experience for you then!
*nods vigorously* I've been home schooled my whole life, so thanks so much Fai-sensei! ^_^
Ahaha, I've been teaching at home my whole life, so you could say we have a little something in common!
Ah I'm glad.This place is so different from home I'm happy some things are similar ^_^
Ahaha, there are so many different types of people here, some of them are bound to share similar experiences.
Hmm you're probably right sensei, I guess I'm just not used to the idea of having so many people around ^_^;
Oh, sounds like you're from the country, then. I've not left the cities much, but when I have, I was always impressed by the scenery.

Anyway, it's nice to meet you. My name is Athrun.
Yes, yes I'm from the country, actually this is the first time I've ever left my town before! It's very nice to meet you too Athrun-san, I'm Kobato -^_^-
First time out of town, huh? Have you been into the city yet?
Ah no I haven't had a chance to yet, though I want to.
Well, what I may try to do later is organize another group trip to the city. A couple of us did one before, but we didn't go to too many places. How does that sound?
Ah that sounds wonderful Athrun-san! ^-^
Great! Then I'll get right on it.
Wonderful, thank you very much for including me ^_^
Hey! I'm Yoshimori, I'm from the country too. :) If you get homesick, come hang out with me anytime. I'll make you cookies or somethin'.
Ah thank you very much Yoshimori-san that so kind of you! ^_^ I'm Kobato by the way, and its a pleasure to meet you.
No prob! I know it's kind of weird being in such a big place all of a sudden. The train map looks like someone threw up a lot of colored spaghetti!
Hehe, yeah it was so confusing I got lost twice before I found the school ^_^;
Really? Geez... Well if you want to go off-campus, make sure to take a friend with you for safety, okay? I'd be happy to go somewhere with ya, just lemme know.
Thank you Yoshimori-san, you are definitely a really kind person. ^_^

Athrun-san mentioned getting a group together to go into the city, so I promise not to go it the city alone. We should go together sometime though, it would be fun!
Welcome to the the city. I hope you have a wonderful year at school, Miss Hanato. Study hard!
Ah thank you so much, and I'll definitely do my very, very best!
Happy Kobato

December 2009

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